Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back on the road

I ran to work yesterday and it felt great to be back on the road. The legs are still a bit slow but I didn't push them yet. My plan is to take it easy while maintaining my base over the summer and start training again in August for a late fall marathon.
The commute usually takes me a tad over two hours. At 2:13, it was significantly slower than usual. I figure I have to get that time down to 1:45 to be at a Boston Qualifying pace. The BQ scenario will be the one I will have in mind as I train and hope to do a sub 3:10 marathon in the fall.

In the mix was Astrix, Les Trois Accords and The Killers.


  1. Sounds like a good plan to give yourself time to recover over the summer before ramping up training again. Any thoughts on which race you will aim for?

  2. Your maps make me feel incredibly lazy. I couldn't run to the corner store without falling over. And I hope you start work late because I can't imagine running at 6am to get into work at 8.

  3. Enjoy the summer, no need to ramp up any time soon. Maybe see you at the Kilt Run on Saturday...I'll be wearing yellow....along with the other 500 people wearing yellow!!!