Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I thought that the ideal way to ring in 2010, the year where I will run a sub 4-hour marathon, was to do it running! So I headed out to the Running Room Resolution Run for a quick 10k before heading out to my sister's new year's eve party (where I had pre-negociated a shower upon arrival, thank you very much ;)

I didn't wear the official race jacket since I wanted Alex to spot me in the crowd and I knew that would be what everyone else would wear, hehehe.
I wore instead my trusty Chinese running outfit that I think is great and needs lots of showing off.
Can you tell I'm in celebration mode already?

The course was up and down colonel by, starting from Pretoria bridge.
While the temperature wasn't that cold at minus 3, the falling snow accumulated on the ground and the dry patches were pretty few and far between. I did a pretty decent time at 51:05 given the condition of the fun run which wasn't chipped.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to volunteer, cheer or run. This was a great way to kick off the last evening of the year and decade!

Now that the run is over, on to the real party. I hope you guys and gals will all ring 2010 in style and I wish you everything you desire and deserve for 2010: health, success, happiness and reaching all your goals and dreams. I'm sure we've all got a lot to be thankful for and accomplishments to celebrate from 2009 as well as many new challenges and things to look forward to in 2010 and beyond!
Happy New Year!


  1. Congrats on the ResoRun - definiely a good way to kick off the NYE festivities. Happy New Year!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend! Congrat's on your run! We will definitely find one another at Richmond!!

  3. That looks like such a fun run!! And you all got jackets?! Cool.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. That looks like an awesome race! Great outfit I love the orange!! Happy New Year!

  5. I remember that day. Weather was kinda crappy. Glad you had a good run. See you on the paths...