Thursday, July 15, 2010

I want to run Boston

I've been fairly quiet recently. The early heatwave over Ontario and the now regular hot temperatures are putting a break on the amount of training I would like to do. Last week I ran to work in what has been the most difficult long run for me in quite a while. The temperature at 6am was already around 25 degrees celsius (feels like 30 with humidex). By the time I could see my work building in the distance, my pace had crawled to 7minutes per km. I even ran out of sportsdrink from my 2L camelpack and had to stop at a convenience store to get some more. Once I got in the AC, I didn't want to step out in the oven-like weather again!

This week I have been on vacation and trying to keep my running schedule has been tough. We have AC at the house so often a usually dreaded weights session in the home gym will look better than stepping out for a few kms. I was still able to get in some mileage but not quite as many as I would have liked. An interval session on Monday saw me break the 4 minute mark for the first interval km, I think it might be a first for me, yay!
The remainder of the workout suffered a bit for this extravagance but the confidence boost it gave me is priceless. Here are the numbers:
  • Slow: 4:49, 5:23, 5:05, 5:12, 4:59 and 5:29
  • Fast: 3:55, 4:37, 4:35, 4:29 and 4:21

I think I can get my fast intervals down to 4:20-4:15 if I am having a good day and keep at it. I'd like to hover more around the 5:00 mark for the slower intervals but I'll take what I can get ;)

This morning, as I woke up early to try and beat the heat for my tempo run, I kept asking myself what kind of person would wake up at 6am on their vacation to go and inflict their body physical pain?
I had a pretty good run even if the heat did slow me down a bit towards the middle portion. I'd like to see a lot more green on this chart. The plus side is that while I was running, I came up with an answer for my question. What kind of person wakes up at 6am on a vacation? The kind of person who wants to run Boston that is. And I DO want to run Boston so I'll have to keep to find ways to beat the heat and get my workouts in to shave those 17 minutes I need.

What about you, how do you beat the heat and stay on course?


  1. The heat has been awful and is certainly making it difficult to get those quality workouts in. I have become all too familiar with 4-5am lately. Good for you getting up so early on vacation!

  2. Beat the heat? Why would I want to do that. I ensure to pre-hydrate and then I totally embrace the heat. I am training from 4pm to 9pm and loving every soaked spandex minute of it. I think if you just let it all in, you enjoy your workout better. Sunscreen helps. ;)