Saturday, August 7, 2010

Page 6!!!

Do you subscribe to iRun magazine? You probably do if you have run a major Canadian race in the last year. If you do, please find this month's issue and turn to page 6. You will see a picture of yours truly in full crowd waving glory :)

This is pure awesomeness and it is giving me the kick I needed to jumpstart my next phase of marathon training. It's funny the way I heard about it, I was talking on the phone to a work colleague I have never met for the first time and she asked me whether I was a runner. Out of the blue. I figured we had colleagues in common and she had heard of me but then she explained that she saw my picture in the magazine and wondered whether I was the same person :) I rushed home that night to find the magazine and found myself!!!

This week's training been almost enough to qualify for week one of marathon training. I had some good speedwork on Monday with a tempo @ 4:43, a slow 24k at 5:35 on Wednesday and a great intervals session yesterday at 4:16/5:05.

I'll have to make a decision on a marathon date soon and while reviewing my choices, I am tempted to do a double again for Hamilton and Miami. Not quite as crazy as RoadBunner's 2 in a row Bear lake adventure but about the same as I did earlier this year with LA and Ottawa. Hamilton because it is close by and rumoured to be a good one to qualify for Boston and Miami because, well, it's Miami! Plus they have an offer on the Miami marathon where you can do a cruise after, how cool would that be!?! The only negative side is that I would be in heavy mileage mode for about 4-5 months again.


  1. I just got the magazine in the mail! Totally cool that you are featured!!!

  2. I saw you in the magazine and I said to my husband "I know that guy", he ran LA too! Very cool, congratulations!!