Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boston Getting Faster still

The blogosphere has been very actively discussing the new changes for the Boston Qualifying times and registration process. While the 5 minutes and 59 seconds cut in 2013 is the most obvious change, the one most likely to impact runners is the progressive opening of registrations for runners 20, 10 and 5 minutes under the official BQ times. For an in depth look at the likely consequences of this move, read Ray's very insightful analysis on his blog, the DC Rainmaker.

I share Marlene's concerns that this will make it more difficult to qualify and run Boston. I also, like Yumke, realize that just qualifying won't be enough. My new target to guarantee a Boston slot is 2:50 for 2012 and 2:45 beyond. I already gained lots of time last year, I think I can achieve this eventually. At last resort, I can just get older. The upside of this new goal is that 2:45 will be a golden ticket almost everywhere guaranteeing me entry into other coveted races such as New York and London marathons.


  1. We just have to keep on fighting... I know we can get there eventually!

  2. You have an awesome attitude about this. I am not someone who has given Boston any serious thought (still a bit out of my reach), but I did want to think that one day I could dream the dream a bit. This makes it much more out of reach but you never know what can happen.

    I wonder, though, whether people who can BQ -20 actually run Boston? I met a guy who pretty much qualifies for Boston every time out and he doesn't think it is so special. So perhaps less -20 spots will be filled than people think. I almost think that the -5 or "skin of their teeth" people are the ones who REALY appreciate what Boston represents.

    I sort of secretly hoped maybe the would not let you run Boston in two consecutive years to allow more people in to the race.