Friday, February 18, 2011

Perth Kilt Run 2011

Long time readers will remember last year's Kilt Run in Perth. This event was a lot of fun last year and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a small yet fully supported / cheered race. The 5 miles go by so quick you don't even realize you are racing and the crowd support was awesome. Running in a kilt was a lot more comfortable than I had expected and seeing everyone sporting theirs was quite a hoot.

The race organizers somehow found my blog entry last year and commented on it. They came back this year a few weeks ago before I left for the Caribbean to announce their plans for this year. The date has changed a little bit to coincide with the long weekend in July when Perth is hosting Lord Provost of Perth Scotland.

If you still have your kilt from last year (or own a kilt for other reasons), you will get a 30$ rebate on your registration but hurry up, registration prices increase on March 6th and closes on April 2nd. More details about the Perth Kilt Run on their website.
I'm not sure if this will fit in my race calendar but it's definitively a race I would like to do again!


  1. Ran this race last year and had a hoot ! Spectators were great, loved running through the golf course,and enjoyed those cookies at the end.
    Where the heck did they come from ? Does anyone know.
    Will be there next year for sure !

  2. I'm pretty sure those "cookies" you talk of came from a little bakery just outside Perth - The Little Stream Bakery and we will try to have them again.

    See you July 2 with your kilt on.