Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back into the groove

After a few off days because of a digestive problem, I tried to reboot the whole system and get back into the groove today by going out for a short run. I am still surprised at how much green space there is in Pudong. It seems that whichever direction I go there are green spaces at least every kilometre. If it wasn't for the air quality, this city would be a perfect spot for outdoor activities and just lounging about lazily.
I was surprised at how considerate the Chinese were to what is sometimes referred to here as malformed persons (disabled) when I saw this huge on ramp to a pedestrian overpass until I realised that it was meant primarily for bikes!
On the way back I also spotted this garden by the side of the path, I'm wondering what they are growing...
Today's run was about 5km and it took over 30 minutes. The day was beautifully sunny, if a bit warm. I was forced to slow down because the air quality was really bad. At some point I just couldn't breath the stench of chemicals was so pungent. Maybe the treadmill doesn't look so bad after all.


  1. Looks like a cool route! I definitely wouldn't expect to see much green space in Asia. Glad you're enjoying yourself!

  2. Too bad the air quality is not good there. Certainly does look like a wonderfully inviting place to run and bike. Do they have pools or places to swim as well?

  3. They do have some public pools but I haven't looked at how easy it is to get in since I have one at the hotel. I've also seen one private gym that has a 25m 4lane lap pool. I've also seen some people swimming in the lakes in the park.

    Swimming looks like a big sport in China with pools seemingly dedicated to swim clubs and I've seen tv coverage of swim meets at least twice in less than 2 weeks here already.

  4. Too bad about the air quality... otherwise it looks like a great spot for a run.