Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Better air

The air seemed a bit better today so I went for a short run. Short slow runs seem to be the only thing I'm capable of here in Shanghai. I learned that if I breath only through my nose, the air is quite bearable, even if it means slowing down quite a bit. The crisp cold air of Canada seems like a luxury now after about 2 weeks in the Shanghai air.

I came upon a golf range today.
I didn't know the Chinese played golf. Apparently they fly their balls pretty high too judging by the nets surrounding the range.
I also came across this industrial looking kerosene storage facility. No wonder the air feels dirty with things like this in the area.
And this big campus of a well known Ottawa company
I like the building for this bank
I'll try to fit in another run before we leave Shanghai on Saturday. Hopefully the air in Xian and Beijing will be more conducive to outdoor exercising.


  1. Such a shame to hear of the poor air quality there but I suppose that's why there was such as concern about it during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing as well. But nice that you will appreciate some things back home more when you get back. As always, I enjoyed seeing your latest set of pics!

  2. ummm, bad karma, i think i just saw on the news that it snowed in Beijing?! Travel safe!