Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ready, Set ... Wait!

Marathons are really exciting events. It's the culmination of months of training and the celebration of having achieved or maintained a level of fitness long sought after. It's also a test to see if the training was done well and if the mind can follow through once the training runs out on the course. For this reason, I find that the few days before a race are difficult. I'm worried of catching something, eating something that won't feel right or doing something silly like twisting an ankle while walking around.

The actual day before the marathon is the worse. I haven't had a decent long run in weeks. My energy stores are overflowing and I'm so excited that I cannot sleep. All there is left to do is to continue to hydrate and fuel up and ensure that I am ready for the big day. That's definitively the plus side of the day before the marathon, I can throw the calorie counter to the wind and eat as many carbs as I desire!

Having arrived in LA yesterday, I checked out the fantastic running expo. It's like a giant mall where every store is running related. Fun!
I met ChicRunner at the expo, where she was promoting the Long Beach Marathon. I didn't really get anything at the expo since prices were really high in my opinion (even after factoring the high Canadian dollar). I kinda like the black vest but I can't really convince myself that it is worth $100. All the free food and drink samples and interesting talks were definitively worth the time I spent at the expo.

This morning, I went for a quick warmup 5k. I never knew LA was so hilly! I only got spotty GPS signal, I hope I get better reception during the race tomorrow.
I saw two different film crews getting ready to start their day. No stars yet, I don't think they get up that early :) It's pretty cool to be in LA where everything is famous.
I'll try to be a good tourist today while finding a way to stay off my feet. I want them fresh for the task ahead tomorrow!

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