Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1 Month!

When I looked at the date this morning, I realized that my next race is in exactly one month! I'm pretty excited since it will be my first Triathlon.
I think I'm ready and I planned on taking it easy this morning while riding in. However the 10km/h tailwind had other plans. I effortlessly (relatively of course!) turned in a very decent 52m50s. Only 20 seconds shy of my fastest ever commute.
On the way back, the wind was still going strong so I was pretty happy with the 1h04m considering the 20km/h headwind.

I'm not quite sure what kind of tapering strategy I will use for the triathlon. While I feel well trained, I still haven't had a simulation training session where I do all three sports in sequence. Hopefully I have some time next week for that. Then I should start hanging back a bit and relaxing the training slowly to make sure my muscles can recover and be ready for a peak performance at the race.

In the mix in the morning was Space Tribe's awesome 2000 OD and on the way back the more relaxed Bliss Point from Exogenic records.


  1. A month! So exciting. YOu've done all the work, so it will be amazing.

  2. One month to go! Very exciting. Hope you can squeeze in a tri simulation to see just how it feel sto go from swim to bike to run.

  3. You've come a long way, you'll be so ready! The month will go by fast... and now that you mention it, I just realized I only have 17 days! GAH!

  4. What event are you going to do? I'll be there volunteering (most likely at the finish line), so I want to make sure I don't miss you.

    btw, if you are serious about tri's check out Rick.

  5. I'm sure you're ready as far as doing the 3 sports. You may want to take some time, though, to go through your transitions to make sure you bring everything you need and lay it out the way you want. Also, make sure you know the basic rules. Some violations are disqualifications and not a fun way to end your race!

  6. Lily - I'll be doing the Sprint, I'll keep a lookout for you.

    Shirley - That's a good idea, I'll try to focus on that. When I did my first brick, I realized I shouldn't use biking gloves for example. There is probably more to learn :)