Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reversed Brick

Yesterday I brought my bike to the shop to have a look at the peppergrinder crank and at the same time to tune it up and outfit it with faster tires for the race.

So today, when they called me to say it was ready, I decided to have a kind of reversed brick workout. I ran from work (a respectable ~5km) to my friendly local bike store to pick up my refreshed bike and ride it home.
I was really happy to see my bike all tuned up. It looked way different with the slim tires. I was assured that they would be much faster and that they were made of Kevlar so I wouldn't get as many punctures as the alternatives. They also replaced my "bottom bracket" since the old one was rusted out, creating the grinding noises. I'm really satisfied with the work they did, they always have outstanding service.

On the way home, I was really impressed by how much differently the bike handles with the new tires. I didn't really believe them when they told me I would be much faster but they were right!!! Look at all that green on the speed heatmap:
Truth be told, I wasn't even really pushing it since I was pretty beat after a full day's work and the 5k run. I can't wait to see how it turns out on the race course, after careful tapering and proper nutrition. The bike seems much more nervous now and I can feel every little nook and cranny in the road surface. Hopefully I will have a few opportunities to ride to work next week to get used to it before I officially start my taper.

In the mix today was Distance to Goa 7 and Dream Creation's Sound of Freedom.


  1. Awesome! Enjoy the new & improved ride!

  2. enjoy the faster ride! :D Glad you got it all fixed up and race ready!