Monday, August 3, 2009

Much better

I am doing much better after a long weekend of resting and relaxation. Maybe it helped that summer is finally here in Ottawa and I took the opportunity to indulge in drinks and treats I don't usually allow myself when training and did not train one bit (unless you count planting those 15 shrubs as training ;)
My leg doesn't hurt at all anymore. Still a bit sensitive when I stretch, but I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary. I will try to ride to work tomorrow if the weather is good.

Hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did. I can't wait to hear all the reports of the national capital triathlon. Congrats to Marci who was participating in the event.


  1. glad you're feeling better, just keep being smart and hopefully even the sensitivity will be gone!

  2. Thanks, I have to get my race report up! Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend!

  3. Sounds like the weekend was just what you needed!