Monday, November 9, 2009

I climbed the wall!

Today, I climbed the wall!! I'm not talking about the marathon wall that runners hit around km 30 but rather the Great Wall of China. Does it count as a stair workout?
For more pictures and descriptions, head on over to my more travel-y blog, BuzzingInShanghai.

This concludes my divertion of your attention while I am visiting China. I swear my next post will be training related when I am back in Canada ;)


  1. Wow, how awesome must that be!!! Safe travels home!

  2. Definitely a stair workout -- HOLY MOLY!!

  3. What an incredible trip you have had and thank you so much for all the pictures...FANFREAKINGTASTIC!!!

    Have a Safe trip home and yes, those stairs count as cross training!!