Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Rush

This Sunday is fairly busy for us so I set my alarm (yes, on a Sunday, runners are crazy that way!) and headed out in a beautiful chilly morning. I wanted to do 15k to see where my endurance level was after my little break from training. It was much tougher than I expected but I'm pretty satisfied with the results (1h20m).
It was nice to use the trans Canada trail for part of the run. I should take advantage of our good weather before the snow starts to be a problem. My pace profile was all over the place as I was trying to find my new comfortable level for longer distances.
I felt really good this morning. It was nice to feel the endorphin rushing in my blood. It had been a while since I got such a good "fix" ;)

The beats were pounding from my headphones with Transient 5 in the mix.

I decided to follow the lead of Marlene and Mel and get in the spirit of giving to those less fortunate and participate in cans for comments as well for every Friday in December. I don't have such a huge following as they have so I'll put myself out there and risk having to go to Costco to get all the required cans and pledge to donate a can for every individual that comments on my posts on Fridays.


  1. i have no doubt that you'll quickly regain your fitness (which doesn't seem to have fallen off at all btw) and find your pace soon! Bet the break was refreshing!! Yay for joining the cans for comments :)

  2. Nice 15k! You are getting it back for sure. Do you still have jet lag? You were over there for a long time!

    What exactly is the cans for comments?

  3. Cans for Comments is where I give a canned good to a local foodbank for every comment posted on my Friday entries for the month of December! Comment early, comment often ;)

  4. Hey I was on the Trans Canada yesterday too! Mind you, I only squeezed (struggled) in a 6 almost 7K run! It was really a gorgeous day.

    Good for you on the Cans for comments, I'm thinking about it too!

  5. Thanks for getting on board for Cans for Comments - awesome! I'll be sure to drop by Friday. :)

    Nice job on the 15K. It's hard to believe there used to be a time when we DIDN'T set an alarm on Sunday, eh?