Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm back!

It felt good today to be able to run and breathe deeply without worrying about air pollution :) After spending 5 weeks in China where I tried to train as much as possible, it just wasn't the same as training at home. I would constantly stop during my runs to admire the sights and take some pictures and on the polluted days I had to slow down or stop early because I developped breathing problems. For the last 2 weeks, I don't even think I trained at all.

Getting back on the training routine after breaking for so long was also a bit hard. I couldn't find the motivation, let alone the time. But today, on this otherwise uneventful Monday, I decided to put on my new Chinese running outfit and go for it.

I was a bit anxious to see what my level of fitness was and while it felt good to run, I was much slower than I used to be. Three months ago, a 50 minute 10km would have been easy. Today I struggled and got a time of 53 minutes, even though I have to admit that I threw in a difficult stair workout at the end so I can probably cut 2 minutes and still be honest about my performance.
While I was running, I realised that I don't have a short term goal beside working my way up to the first week of my marathon training schedule so I decided to try to fit in the running room's resolution run if I can manage it in my holiday schedule. Three months ago, my goal would have been to break 45 minutes. I'm not quite sure I can get back up to speed that quickly but I'm willing to put in the effort and see what happens.

In the mix today was the always kicking even if it's 10 years old compilation Digitale.


  1. welcome back!!! amazing that you trained as much as you did while away, you're still speedy, but you'll get back to pre-vacay shape in no time. good luck with the short/long term goals!

  2. Welcome home! The fresh cool air must be so refreshing.

    I'm doing the Resolution Run as well - couldn't resist that awesome free jacket!

  3. Welcome back and thanks for the wonderful pictorial of your vacay!

    The Resolution Run is a fun run, not chipped and really most people go for a good time, I usually run with my Happy New Year Tiarra on and my Happy New Year Wand....just saying!