Monday, June 15, 2009

Commute 2.0

Yes, I did it! I woke up this morning and looked outside to a gorgeous sunny day (if a bit sinister with some worrysome clouds far away). I looked at the forecast for a 40% chance of thunderstorms and decided to brave the commute despite the warnings from the weather gypsies. Turns out I did the right choice. I don't think there was even one drop of water that fell on Ottawa today.
The ride itself was nice. I took the usual route but kept going past Churchill and connected to Gladstone to reach downtown (Wellington and Scott are bumpy or undergoing renovations). I think I was pretty quick as well. Downtown was quite busy already.

I got pretty much the same ride going home at about 59 minutes. I feel pretty good and I think tonight calls for a big bowl of ice cream after dinner :) I am a bit sore, especially in my knee but it's definitively not pain so I will keep an eye out to make sure that it actually improves and I don't get myself into the situation I got into a month ago with my patellofemoral syndrome injury.

The nice thing about today is that we had a team meeting at work today and since there are quite a few new faces in the team, we got to introduce ourselves and tell something that we did recently that is not work related. Of course, I told everyone that I biked in to work today from 25km away and everyone started clapping. Yay for me, I rock. (I'm actually way more modest in real life than I sound on this blog btw).

Tomorrow is swimming and Wednesday I have stuff to do after work so I will try to squeeze in a run. If the knee is feeling fine for it, Thursday will be another bike commute. Thanks for your support, between Mel's statement that I had no excuses to not bike to work and Marlene's query about my commute, I feel really motivated!!!

Update: S-Range's Space and Sonic Fusion's Confused in the mix.


  1. You DO rock! i'm applauding too, can you hear it?? :D Hope the knee cooperates for your run.

  2. Good for you! And you got a clap too (which let's not beat around the bush - always feels good!). 25kms! That is so awesome! You should be so so proud!

  3. Way to go! The weather gypsies are seemingly more often wrong than they are right about rain in my area. Unfortunately, they're often right about the heat, though ...

    Hope the knee behaves!

  4. You did it! Awesome. Great timing that you got to share at work on the same day.