Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two in a row - updated

Phew. Just a quick note to share with you that I rode my bike to work two days in a row Monday and Tuesday. Not bad, 100km in 36 hours (4 rides of 25km!). Even in the 30+ humidex temperature, my time was still under 1h. I even broke 50km/h yesterday (yes, on a downhill slope ;)

I have been wrestling with alternate routes since there is so much construction probably regular maintenance and also the economic stimulus package. Most of my best routes are either getting redone or too dangerous to ride so I tried Carling on Tuesday. While it felt faster since I had to compete with the cars that are going 80km/h, I stopped at more lights and that road has lots of hills, I didn't know Ottawa could be so hilly. I may retry my luck with the parkway on Friday (my next scheduled bike in) and see how it merges into downtown. Here are the routes I took this week:
And here are the stats for each leg:
As you can see, I just keep getting faster everyday, hopefully that trend continues. I'm still quite proud of my 50+ km/h. It felt really awesome to be going that fast even if it was just for a few seconds. The time for that km is 1m20s, probably my fastest ever. Yay. The Garmin told me to slow down twice, I'm not sure why. I don't think it's ever done that before and I don't remember programming it that way. Maybe the engineers thought there was a hard limit at which it would always complain?

Summer is here for sure in Ottawa with these crazy hot temperatures. I remember hitting all the red lights on Carling and thinking that it was so much wasted time. Once I got on Richmond and then Robertson, I was hoping for red lights for a bit of a break!! I may have to bring out my extra water bottle as the one I carried this week was empty by km 15.

I am certainly feeling it in my muscles today. Hopefully I can find time for a swim tonight. The knee is not bothering me very much, I anticipated much worse. I can feel that I pushed it hard, but I wouldn't call it sensitivity, just awareness of what the limitations are.


  1. Two days in a row! Very nice!

  2. Not sure where you are riding to, but you can cut through to the trails at March Rd / Corkstown Rd, follow along to Carling, cross Carling and then hit the trail along the river. It'll take you right to the Château Laurier....hope this helps.