Monday, June 8, 2009

Track run + weekly digest

I read this very interesting post on Marlene's Mission to a(nother) marathon blog. It inspired me to try the same track workout yesterday. I knew there was a track at Holy Trinity High School and it's a nice distance from the house so it made for a perfect warmup/cooldown before and after the speed session.
I think I did pretty well but I have to agree with Marlene that this sounds much more fun than it is and it is much tougher than it looks.

The session in question is 3 repeats of 4 laps (400m each) with breaks of 2 recover laps.

My warmup was 3.4km at 16m44s and then I started with the track:

First set 1:46, 1:42, 1:44, 1:45.
Recovery: 2:06, 1:58

The first set was fun, I didn't know I could be that fast!

The the second set: 1:47, 1:49, 1:49, 1:48
Recovery: 2:05, 2:04

The second set was pretty tough but I toughed it out knowing there were two recovery set coming. I never knew I'd look forward to running slower, hehehe.

Third set: 1:49, 1:50, 1:53, 1:55
Recovery: 2:18, 1:56

The last set, I just couldn't hold my speed even if I gave it all I got. I did as best as I could. Then, during my last recovery lap, something interesting thing happenned, some kids on their bikes wanted to race me, so I showed them runners are not to be messed with by passing them and holding up until they gave up. Maybe what I need to increase my speed is get my competitive edge and run against kids on bikes ;)

A final cooldown of 13:15 (2.57km) and I was done. I stretched, showered and went for a well deserved brunch after with some friends.

Other training I did last week was 2 sessions of swimming where I set a new time for my fastest 750m set at 17m30s and two indoor biking sessions just to not feel so guilty about slacking off my training and blogging while I adapt to the new schedule.

I'm hoping I can figure out my new schedule and have enough of my stuff moved to my new office to take my bike this week. They got a really sweet setup with a keycard-locked bike cage, assigned lockers (already got mine reserved!) and even an ironing board and iron in the shower room so I don't need to look all wrinkly...


  1. Good training, and how terrific to have a map to look at! A little snippet of another country - love it!

    Wow it sounds like you have an uber bike friendly work place. No excuses not to ride. How terrific!

  2. Great job on the intervals! It's definitely a painful workout.

  3. Good job with the interval training, looks like you're in the "hood" where I run. Sweet....