Friday, February 5, 2010

Cost of running + 3 in 3

I've been needing a new pair of running shoes for a while now and looking around for good deals on shoes has gotten me thinking about the cost of running. While running is probably one of the most affordable and accessible sports, there are definitively costs, especially for long distance runners.

A good pair of shoes will set you back about $125-150 and last around 500 km. Not to forget other equipment such as tech shirt, shorts, tights, socks and hats, especially in winter with so many layers! Other equipment may be the beloved Garmins, iPods and other technology tools making our runs better. There are also the obvious costs of races and travel to races that hang in the balance.

On top of that, there are nutritional costs. Sport drinks are pretty affordable at 5$ for a tub of crystals that will make 8 liters, enough for a few long runs. Other nutrition costs are the more costly gels and supplements such as glucosamine to ensure healthy joints. I expect that proteins and carbohydrates should be featured in higher quantity in a runner's diet than someone who doesn't exercise much.

There are also a lot of training related reading materials, association membership fees, magazine and coaches that can add up without noticing. I'm pretty lucky I can withstand the elements and run outside in the cold, that way I don't need a gym membership even if I did equip my dreadmill-less home-gym with quite a bit of equipment that I hope can make me a better runner.

Adding it all up makes me realised how much money I devoted to running over the years. I think every penny spent running is a worthwhile investment in making me a faster runner, happier person and most probably a healthier human being. If I was to add up all the running related dollars I've spent in a year and divide by the kms I ran, the cost would come at about $2 per km. That's something to think about on my long runs as the bill keeps getting longer!

Life got pretty busy in the last few days so I had to shuffle my schedule around a bit. I was still able to do 3 back to back running days totalling 32 km. Not bad. I was right on the money for my goals both times yesterday at 10km in exactly 50 minutes and today with a 60 minutes 12k. I don't usually have the power in the legs to do anything else than just keep up when I do back to back, especially after Wednesday's fartlek session. I'm especially happy about today's speed profile, almost a flat line throughout.
It's the first time I notice that I run an exact split with my both my first and last 6km clocking in at exactly 30 minutes!

Let's see how I fare on Sunday's long 32km.


  1. Yes, there are definitely costs associated with running but I think they are costs that we save elsewhere by staying more healthy & fit, say, less spent on medical bills, prescription drugs, junk food, smoking, drinking, etc. I don't even have time to watch TV too so that's ~$100/month saved having no cable TV.

    Good job on your back to back runs!

  2. It's amazing how much we've spent on running--but you're right: in the end I'm definitely a happier (but not faster) person for it! :)

  3. I always have to laugh when people say that running is cheap. It certainly costs less than some other sports, but things do add up - especially when you count the race registrations and you like to race almost every weekend like me. :)

    Nice job on the runs!

  4. 32 kms... that's exciting. Good luck with it.

    Thank you sooooo much for plugging my book, that's so lovely of you. If you'd like to pass your friend my email address, please do. I'd love to share with her the ups and downs and challenges of banding.

    Have a great day!