Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Marathon Marketing

If you ran in the Ottawa Race Weekend last year, chances are you received one of the personalised postcards last week.
I thought the these were really cool marketing tools with my finishing time at the front and a spot to mark my goal for this year at the back
This campaign is definitively effective in my case since I signed up for the marathon! it's a bit soon for specific goals but I'll be gunning for a PR for sure.

Time has been rare these days to update the blog and comment on yours. I did make time for a 32km (20m) run on Sunday that was a bit tough in the 15-20km/h winds. I did finish it in 3h02m so that's not too too bad but my legs were definitively feeling it! I'm guessing that the -19 with windchill did not take into account where I was running into the winds at 10-12 km/h ;)

In the mix this week is Les 3 accords, AC/DC, Delirium and Orichalcum & the Deviant.


  1. Very cool race results postcard!!

    And GREAT job on that 20-miler. I can't even imagine stepping outdoors in such weather!

  2. That's a really cool marketing tool!

  3. Hmm, I ran the Ottawa Half last year and didn't get a postcard (yet). That's pretty neat!

    I'm impressed by your 20-miler in the horrible conditions on the weekend. Great job!

  4. I ran the full and i didn't get one either. Maybe they sent them to only the ottawa area runners?

  5. Love the postcard idea!!! I did get a little fold out pamphlet from Subaru Triathlon series showing all the race dates, and sponsors. That was pretty cool, but having your race time on there is awesome!