Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not so quiet week!

While the blog has been quiet this week, if you follow my twitter account, you'll know that I was just busy ramping up the kilometers, meeting fun people and otherwise taking care of business. There's also some personal events that have been taking a lot of my time, hopefully the situation will get better soon.

So the training plan looked like this:
  • Sunday: 32km (easy pace)
  • Tuesday: 21km (race pace)
  • Thursday: 13km (intervals)
  • Saturday: 13km (track)
  • Total: 79km
What I delivered:
  • Sunday: 32km (2:59, isn't this race pace?)
  • Monday: 10km (48:34, I think this is tempo)
  • Tuesday: 6.5km with Run Ottawa group (1.5 warm up, 5k "hard" at ~4:35m/km)
  • Wednesday: Cashed in a rest day
  • Thursday: 24 km (2h03, I'm pretty sure this is race pace or maybe even too fast)
  • Friday: 10km (47m16s, blowing some steam, life has been tough this week!)
  • Saturday: Weights
  • Total: 81.5km
I think I'm on track for LA Marathon in 4 weeks. I'm not following the training plan to the letter but I think I'm doing enough of the right things that I'm keeping up with the expectations. Tomorrow's a 35km easy pace run, I still don't know where that will take me.

Good luck to @momsgot2run in the Winterman tomorrow! I wish they had a 35km distance so I could join you ;)


  1. Have fun tomorrow - a 35K is sometimes harder mentally than physically. I hope you picked an interesting course (and not just loops around Scotiabank :-). The scenery always makes it past faster.
    Thanks for the well wishes - it should be fun - don't blame you not mixing training with racing - nothing worse than a crappy result on your record.

  2. Great work, are you running LA?!!! I am too!! I am staying in Santa Monica, would love a chance to meet you if possible.
    I feel like a slouch compared to you with that distance!