Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exercising or Exorcising?

Sometimes when I set out for a run I do so in a serene context and just focus on having a good time. Other days, where some things are bothering me, I use my running as a way to exorcise my demons or pound the pavement as an outlet to the frustration caused by the hurdles I faced during the day or know I will be facing soon. This week has been a bit like that. Combine some minor disappointments at work with some increasingly annoying inconsistency in the totally awful Ottawa Bus Service and you have the recipe for a post-workday run that feels more like a session with the punching bag!

Tuesday's run was meant to be a 16k run at medium pace. That's the only medium paced run of the training cycle. I am not sure what medium pace should be. Turns out I probably never will because by the time I actually got home, about 2 hours late from when I wanted to be, I was so frustrated that I made it a tempo run. And a fast tempo run too! In 1h16, it gives me a pace of 4:48m/km. Phew!

Yesterday's 13km was intervals and I usually dread intervals but there were still a bit of frustration to fuel my run.
I think I may even have forgotten to slow down for one of the rest intervals ;)
I decided on a 1km warmup with alternating between fast and rest kms. Interval time were;
  • (5:40), 4:20, (5:10)
  • 4:20, (4:57)
  • 4:32, (5:06)
  • 4:24, (4:58)
  • 4:32, (5:07)
  • 4:30, (5:15)
Pretty spot on with my target of 4:30 for the intervals and much faster than my 5:15 goal for the rest periods.

In the mix this week was the always soothing Deedrah and the pounding and driving Psychedelic compilation from 3D Records.

PS: I think I convinced Alex to move back downtown. We are seeing some properties tonight.


  1. A tempo run sounds like a great way to shake off some stress. Nice pace! Excellent job on the intervals, too. You are so fast!

  2. Great job venting the anger!

    Is downtown more exciting? Better for running? Sounds like you're excited for it so congrats!!

  3. Downtown is exciting since it's nice to live there IMO. Not spending 2 hours a day getting to and from work means more time for running too :) Ottawa's downtown has so many scenic paths for running, it's an ideal city for runners.