Thursday, May 6, 2010

Windy Tempo

When I got home tonight, I knew the workout would be a bit challenging because I knew it was windy. Just how windy however is surprising!
46km/h winds! Can you believe it?

Alex was nice enough to play coach tonight. I tuned the bike up for him so he could test drive it since he wants to start using it to commute to work next week. We didn't want to go too far in case something happened to the bike. The Palladium Auto Park was the perfect place to go! LifeIn360 was asking before about a paved track and this is probably the closest to it in Kanata as far as I know. Traffic is usually pretty quiet (especially on Sunday mornings!) and the almost perfect circle is just about 1km around, making it really easy to pace and plan distances.
A couple of loops later, my 12km tempo was almost over. At 4:51m/km it was pretty good considering the wind! It gives me a bit of confidence after my somewhat slow commute to work yesterday (24km in 2h07).

I broke out a pair of new shoes today. I think my other pair has quite a few miles in them already (2 marathon training cycles is a lot of kms!) and I'll probably start thinking about slowly retiring them after the race so I have to get the new pair ready and broken in. I like to alternate for about a month between the two pairs before I completely switch. This is my third pair of Saucony Triumph. Last time they were on sale I stocked up by getting two pairs and this is the last new pair that was gathering dust in my closet :)

Next up is the biggest run of the training cycle at 38km. OUCH! I'm almost looking forward to tapering even if I know I'll be like a big baby, crying because I want to run and feeling so full of energy I won't know what to do with it. The race is a bit more than 3 weeks away and I feel ready. I just have to be smart and finish up this training cycle in beauty!


  1. Why can't I picture in my head where this place is? Hmmm. Google here I come.

  2. Great work on the tempo - that is some crazy wind!! It was like that a few days here last week and I felt like I could hardly stand upright, let alone run into it.

    Good luck on the 38! You've been kicking butt on the long runs. Keep it up!