Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Speed work

My last week of training before taper has a lot of speedword involved. Monday was a long tempo run, so I ran to work again. While 2h04 for 25km was not my fastest performance, I am really happy about how constant it was. No all over the map variations for each kilometer with most kms within a narrow 20 seconds/km range for an average of 4:58m/km. I think that is good.
Tuesday was time for the dreaded intervals. I decided on a 1km interval with 1km rest. I seem to handle those better than the more intense variations and with race day a little over 2 weeks ahead, I want to minimize the damage on the legs. I ran within my goals with speedy and consistent intervals.
Times for the intervals (and rest) were 4:28, 4:29, 4:25, 4:28, 4:23, 4:35 (4:56, 5:08, 5:08, 5:14, 5:00, 5:11, 5:24). Funny thing is, during km 7, I sped up without thinking about it before correcting myself into a recovery pace :)
I think that the one thing I am taking away from my training right now is that I'm getting that much needed consistency. It will be key for me on race day to select a pace I can sustain over the duration of the race and stay within that pace as much as possible.


  1. You're so speedy, and nice finishing kick at the end of your run! Awesome!

  2. Consistency is something I have really tried to work on this year.

    You have come a long way. Can't wait to see how well you perform in Ottawa!

  3. Yes, a lot of folks often seem to want to try to get faster doing things the quick or easy way when long term running consistency is really the key, I think, for those who run marathons. It can take years to fully develop one's aerobic base and that's where the biggest gains are to be made, I learned in a running coach class. Speed work is only like icing on a cake.

    Enjoy your taper!!