Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wet and Cold 38k

It is somewhat ironic that throughout this training cycle the weather has been almost perfect, except for my longest run! Yesterday's 38km was done in a wet, cold and windy climate. I joined @isfalk and Tricia for the first 35km so at least the adventure didn't seem so horrible. I don't know why, but sharing intense or difficult workouts make them easier to handle :)

Tricia was the route master and came up with this route. It was pretty much ad-hoc I think based on how we felt and also to avoid hills, especially on the later portion. We went through a few portions of the Ottawa Marathon course.
I don't usually "correct" RunSaturday but I can see that there is a big portion missing and the Garmin says 38.4km so it seemed unfair to leave it at the 37.1km that RunSaturday wanted to have. Our goal was 6m/km and we stayed pretty close to it!
What I find the most impressive is that I finally reached 400km over the last 30 days. Woot!
It's all downhill from here, meaning there are no more >3 hours run. For some reason, I find that anything under 3 hours is easier to fit in the schedule and not so daunting. There was talks about repeating the group run for next week if the mileage and speeds are aligned again so I'm looking forward to more company on my long runs. It's a bit more difficult to schedule them in and to think about logistics but definitively worth the trouble.

PS: Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there. You guys are an inspiration for fitting it all in and yet always beaming positivity and love for your kids!


  1. Definitely not a great weekend for your longest run! I'll bet you're glad that's done. Great job. And 400K in less than a month is nothing short of incredible!

  2. WOWZERS!! 400k in less than a month! You're amazing!! Great job on the long run, having great company makes it so much easier :)

  3. You are a better runner than me. Any training run which will take me over 2 hours makes me want to cry :) THREE is major daunting.