Monday, May 3, 2010

Interval Monday

Today's training called for a "short" interval run of 16km. Whew. I'm in really deep when 16km is a short run and I have to do intervals too! You've probably picked up already that I'm not a big fan of intervals. I'd rather run a long tempo than do intervals or track but I understand their usefulness so I set out for a simple program tonight when I got home from work: 1km warmup followed by 7 sets of 1km at 4:30m/km or faster speed followed by 1km of rest hopefully around 5:30m/km and a final slowish km to seal the deal.
I must say I'm pretty proud about my course-making abilities. I decided on the course quickly while I was thinking up how to make a route that would not be too boring and yet safely within the distances of home. I actually missed a turn but it turns out my initial idea was a bit short so the detour made the distance perfect!

While I like seeing so much green on the heatmap, it's the pace chart that tells the full story:
For the number freaks like me, here are the full details of what I think is a pretty awesome performance:
  • Speed intervals: 4:11, 4:18, 4:26, 4:19, 4:24, 4:31 & 4:37
  • Rest intervals: 5:15, 4:53, 5:20, 5:02, 5:19, 5:23 & 5:39
  • Average pace throughout: 4:53m/km
The timing was definitively not the best. Right after work, when everyone is barbecuing their dinners, the smells made me really hungry. Add in the fact that I didn't think it was necessary to bring hydration since it didn't look that hot and you've got one major case of the dry mouth and growling stomach! Still, I'll take this balmy weather over a frozen water bottle run in the dark of winter.

In the mix was the hilarious Guy-Phillipe Wells.


  1. Great job getting the intervals done! It has been a while since I've done any intervals. I have sort of a love-hate relationship with them, too.

    Oh, and I totally hear you about the BBQ smells! Sometimes people are BBQ'ing in the park when I run and it makes me want to sit under a tree with them and eat!

  2. Well done on the intervals! My run pace charts never look as nice and clean as yours. I do much better on bike intervals. Probably something to do with the heat affecting run paces so much more than on a bike.