Thursday, March 26, 2009

Off Day

My bike was at my friendly local bike shop for a spring tuneup yesterday. I was hoping I could pick it up on my way home so I didn't go for a run at lunch time. Unfortunately it wasn't ready when I left work (turns out they got it ready just as I got home after a rather trying bus commute). I was too tired to try the pool at 8:30pm so I decided to call it an off day.

I have to use this space for a rant at my local bus company OC Transpo. They claim that all bus service is now back, however they have removed the bus I regularly take. I don't know how many other people are affected by choices like this but I face a decision of leaving home 30 minutes early in the morning to catch the bus or changing my work schedule or leaving later and eating away at the little "us" time we have at night with my better half. Thanks OC Transpo.

I guess that bodes well for my resolve in biking to work everyday this spring, rain, shine, freeze or else. I should have legs as big as tree trunks by the time summer rolls around. I'm already way ahead of my usual easter start date for biking so I'm happy.

Also, I just found out that the previous title sponsor of the may marathon in Ottawa pulled out. So I guess it's only the Ottawa Marathon this year. Organizers say its too late for this year, however judging by the new color scheme, I think I know who will be sponsoring next year and I welcome our new sponsoring overlords.

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