Monday, March 30, 2009

Running Fever (10k@47:50)

Okay, I may not quite have a fever, but I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately with a runny nose and as I write this a sore throat is starting to develop. However, at lunch time, the weather was so perfect that I could not resist going out for a nice run.
Non-runners or even other runners may disagree with me about the kind of weather is best to run in. However, for me, nothing beats a nice cloudy day with a light (very light please) drizzle to freshen me up as I run. My only complaint about today would be that it could have been a few degrees warmer and without wind.

So I went out and did my usual 10km route by going along the MacDonald Cartier bridge, then Portage, back in Ottawa through Alexandra and then back to work through Portage. My time at 47:50 was definitively one of the best so far this year so I'm pretty happy.You can see I was also pretty even in my speed throughout the run with a last minute extra effort to try to trick the clock :)

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