Monday, March 23, 2009

Swimming (23 minutes)

It was too cold to take the bike today so I went swimming after work at Champagne bath. I did fairly well I think with 34 laps in about 23 minutes (about 750m). I lost count a few times since I was thinking about this very blog entry and how I could make a swimming entry fun :)

The swim did me some good and relieved some tension that was left over from yesterday's run. I didn't do my usual cool down in the pool since it was getting really crowded, I opted to go for a 5 minute sauna session.

I reflected on how just a few weeks ago, I couldn't do more than a few laps without stopping for a break and how my breathing technique improved dramatically since I took my new year's resolution to run a triathlon. I will have to learn how to tumble now instead of stopping and turning at every lap. It's incredible how much the human body can change if a proper training schedule is maintained.

Unfortunately for the readers of this blog, I don't have any fancy waterproof electronics so swimming entries won't have any charts or maps. If that is too boring, leave me some comments and I can model different swimsuits and goggles to add pretty multimedia content ;)

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