Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pancakes and Swimming

Went to a sugar shack this morning for breakfast. Yummy buckwheat pancakes and tasty beans drenched in freshly made maple syrup. I should have taken a picture for my foodie reader. I would recommend the place if you don't mind the distance and the price tag in the higher range of the spectrum. Having everything made to order instead of all you can eat definitively ensures a higher quality result.

In the afternoon, once my glycogen stores were fully restored and the carb absorbed into my blood, I went for a nice swimming session at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex. I was swimming very smoothly and my breathing was pretty regular except for the occasional underwater burp ;) I did my usual 750m which is 30 laps in this 25m pool in about 23 minutes, my expected time at this point. The pool offers a leisure swim on Saturdays which today had one lane reserved for lap swimmers. I was lucky that throughout my 30 lap training I was pretty much alone. My cool down consisted of 10 laps breaststroke when some slower people joined in. I finished off with another 10 laps freestyle just for fun and then it got too busy so I moved to the jacuzzi for a bit of relaxation.

I don't know what is in store for tomorrow but I'll try to slot in a run if time permits, I need to work on my long runs a bit, I haven't done much over 10km during the winter.

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