Sunday, September 13, 2009

5k + Terry Fox Run

Sunday morning runs are my favorite. Even after a somewhat late night yesterday at a good friend's wedding, I managed to get up early (with an alarm on Sunday, that's how much I wanted it!). Today is special because I wanted to participate in the Terry Fox Run. Terry Fox was such an inspirational athlete and his dedication to raising money for cancer research resonates with me since quite a few of my loved ones have been affected by cancer.

The day began with a tempo 5k run to get to the start line:
I did pretty well with a total time of 22:37 with km times of:
  • 4:21
  • 4:38
  • 4:40
  • 4:26
  • 4:31
The volunteers at the race looked at me funny getting to the race already hot and sweaty. They were very friendly and I was impressed by the amount of people showing up, hopefully we raised lots of money for research. The run itself was 10km and even if it was only for charity, I still enjoyed reeling in runners ahead of my and passing them one by one. I didn't even go that fast with a time of 51:13. I went home instead of onward to the finish line but the distance of 10km checks up. The knee is a bit sore today after a few months of not complaining, but that's nothing compared to the adversity that Terry faced as he ran across Canada.

Thanks Terry for the inspiration, the marathon of hope lives on.


  1. Busy weekend, yet you found time to fit in a 10 km run for cancer!

    According to today's Metro, Ottawa's run racked up $230,000 for the Terry Fox Foundation.


  2. Good job to get out and support Terry's cause, good for you.

    Definitely Arizon RnR, that is an awesome race and super fun time, plus it gives you some mini warmth & sunshine in the middle of our cold Canadian winter.

  3. Great way to help a good cause and get some extra miles (km) in. Good job!

  4. Great job on a run, great cause too!