Friday, September 4, 2009

Saturday race?!?

Usually, races are on Sunday. It makes sense. It gives you a break between the work week and allows you to focus on resting and hydrating. Well, not for me. The race is tomorrow! Saturday!!! As I am heading to work today, I wonder how I will hydrate myself properly between meetings and if I can find somewhere to stretch once in a while.

At least it gives me plenty of time to recover after the event since I don't go back to work until Tuesday because of Labor Day. Will I be able to ride in to work triumphantly???

If anyone is there tomorrow, please say hi before or after the race (and feel free to cheer when I swim/cycle/run by!) I don't know my bib number yet so I can't post it but if you comment / tweet me for it, I'll make sure to get it to you asap. My start is at 8am and if everything goes according to plans, I should cross the finish line between 10:30 (yeah right?) and 11:00 (hope not!).


  1. I wish I could be there, good luck and have fun, you will rock this tri Buzz!

  2. Having Sunday and Monday to recover will be nice. Rest/stretch/hydrate/fuel as much as you can today. Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you and watching for your results!

  3. See you there tomorrow, I will not be volunteering as originally planned, but I will be biking in with a group of friends.

    email me at,

    laurel{dot}davidge{at}gmail{dot}com, so at least I'll know who I'm cheering for!!!

    Remember to have fun, finish upright and smiling!!!

  4. Good luck tomorrow!! You will do great, your training has been awesome! Can't wait to read your race report...

  5. sorry I'm late wishing you luck... it is different that your race is on a saturday, and i wish more were like that... the next day to recover is ideal! Can't wait to hear about it!