Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This tapering business is always hard. First, I get this urge to go and do something, burn all that energy. But I have to keep things quiet and slow so I can be totally ready for Saturday. Second, I have to watch what I eat. I like to eat a lot and I usually can burn the extra calories quite easily. Not so easy while I am tapering... I wouldn't want to gain a few pounds that would slow me down during the race.

Tapering is otherwise going good. I've upped my stretching a little bit. I'll try to fit in a yoga session if I have some time. I feel really good about my capabilities looking forward to the race. This is a bit new for me as I usually tend to bite more than I can chew.

I am watching the weather reports like a hawk and my anonymous poster will be happy to know that everything should be perfect for picture taking with mainly sunny skies. What worries me the most about the weather is the frigid cold temperatures we are experiencing lately. I have to swim for ~20 minutes in Mooney's Bay which I don't think really gets hot anyways in the summer. It will make for an interesting experience. I really don't want to wear a wet-suit since I never trained in one but I may have to change that decision at some point this week if it gets obvious that the water temperature will be too cold for my speedo trunks.

Sorry for the quietness. Everything is going well, there's just not much to report. I am getting pretty excited about the race now and hope to see a few of you there... Let me know if you think you are coming and we can try to coordinate something.


  1. Yes, I find tapering to be an uneasy time because I'm always afraid of doing too much, getting injured doing something stupid, checking the weather too much, etc. But I actually always try to gain a couple pounds of water weight from carbo loading before a big race. That said, I've never tapered for a short race before so I'm sure what I'd do (do you even need to carbo load?). Whatever the case, don't go crazy this week and best of luck this weekend!

  2. Sorry, I meant I'm NOT sure what I'd do, etc.

  3. Good luck with your taper! Sometimes that's the hardest part.

  4. The best part of racing is the no guilt carbo load. I don't care if it's a bit overkill I will indulge :) It's most likely a ~2 hour event for me so I think extra sugar reserves will come in handy.