Saturday, September 26, 2009

Training without a goal

It feels kinda weird to train without a definitive goal in mind. I've always had a race coming up helping me push myself to the limit. Whenever I'd feel a bit down, I'd think of myself crossing the finish line and meeting my goal. That always boosted my energy levels and allowed me to push just a bit harder. While I'm pretty sure that my next race will be a marathon, I still haven't decided for sure or set a time goal. Watching Marlene redeem herself tomorrow and rip the STWM apart will surely push me over the edge. Good luck Marlene!

Training this week was pretty easy. On Thursday, I was planning a 10k at lunch, however the schedule quickly filled up. I still managed to get out for a nice 5k in which I did a bit of stairwork (5 repeats of 27 stairs, not bad!)
I think I may have started out a bit too fast with km times of 4:02, 4:26, 4:35, 5:15 and 5:18.

Then on Friday I biked to work. It was really cold again so I layered up. I just can't seem to go very fast with all those layers. My times were 1:03 and 56m. I'm thinking that I will be lucky if I ride once or twice more this year. My schedule over the next 2 weeks is incredibly busy and then I have a surprise for everyone that will definitively make commuting to work impossible for the following 5 weeks (stay tuned!).

I think I had a good riding season this year. It was definitively different than last year's especially since I was trying to throw in some short distance running and lots of swimming in the mix. My training plan for the winter is to keep swimming, hopefully at least once a week and increase the running to meet a marathon objective that remains to be set and do some biking on the trainer when I need to catch up with television or if the weather is truly horrible.

In the mix on Friday was Vatos Loco's Welcome 2 da barrio and Vibrasphere's Echo.Link


  1. You're doing pretty good for not having a goal in mind. I generally HAVE to have a race on the calendar.

    Thanks so much for the shout-out. I appreciate it! Hopefully I won't disappoint. ;)

    Hmm, looking forward to this news.

  2. I find having a goal keeps me motivated, but it sounds like you are doing great! Are you thinking of more tris next summer?

  3. Looking forward to your big news! I'm feeling kinda lost without a tri on the horizon, and just want this half marathon to be over... i'm hoping that fall will be kind so that we'll get a few extra weeks of riding outside before breaking out the trainer.

  4. Marci: no tris planned in the near future as I switch my focus on longer runs and hopefully another shot at a marathon. I like the tri racing experience despite the complications of moving all that gear, so I'm definitively not saying it won't happen again.

  5. Well, for having no goal in mind, you are definitely staying quite active, which is good. I too like to be in maintenance mode during the off season so I am not starting from scratch again when starting a new training session or racing season. Look forward to hearing about your surprise!