Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taper Run

Yesterday was a busy day at work. I was still able to escape during the lunch hour to put in a short taper run training session. I was joined by my new running buddy Thiago. We just went along the canal for a ~4km stretch in about 20m25s (5m10s/km pace). I was a bit faster than I would have wanted since it was a taper run, but slowing down is so hard especially since Thiago wanted to race :)
I love running along the canal, it's so scenic. Hopefully once this triathlon business is behind me, I can start focusing a bit more on the running portion.

I'm not sure what I will do after the race. I haven't lined up any specific goals for after I become an official triathlete. Maybe I will love the tri race experience so much I'll never go back, but my gut feeling is that running is really what I am about. I'll leave this open until after the dust settles, but knowing myself, I *will* need a new challenge to train towards, whether it's an olympic tri, half/full iron or just getting a better marathon (I can hear Boston qualifier in the back of my head already as Alex made it clear he would like to visit Boston some day).

Today is probably a short swim. I may switch it up for a short bike ride depending on how the schedule organizes itself.


  1. Nice run! I wish I had some nice scenery around here, like the canal.

    Just a few days to go til you become a triathlete!

  2. I have the feeling you'll be doing more triathlons... Guess what?! I've been riding a lot lately - you've inspired me. I'm building up the courage to commute...