Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The surprise I was holding back on is that I am leaving for China in less than 2 weeks! Alex is going there on business, so I'm tagging along. In total we'll spend close to 5 weeks in China, starting in Shanghai where his business engagements are. We'll have about a week and a half after his business is complete to tour the country until we leave from Beijing.

I'm hoping to train a lot while he's busy at work so you'll definitively be along for the journey. Hopefully I can find some nice running routes even if Shanghai may not be the best place for a runner with all the traffic. If you are interested in following me with my non training activities, I've set up a new blog: Buzzing In Shanghai.

Lots of preparation to do, so that explains my lack of training this week. I have a charity race tomorrow where I'm hoping to make my department proud in a 4 way contest for the title of the healthiest department (I think that's what the bragging right is called!)


  1. Wow, so exciting!!! Happy travels to you! Good luck with the last minute prep & packing.

  2. What an adventure! I've not traveled much outside of the U.S., only to Mexico, Canada & Japan but only for a couple days at most. 5 weeks should give you a wonderful chance to really soak things in. Glad you'll be able to blog about it too while out there.

    Good luck winning the dept title!