Monday, September 21, 2009

How did I ever do this?

I was getting ready to bike in to work this morning when I looked at the weather report: 5 degrees with mist! It was a cold commute for sure. The whole way I was thinking how crazy I must have been last year to ride in until the 12th of November! It's not even October yet and I'm already willing to hang the hat until warmer weather! My motivation last year was a little bit higher due to the bad bus service my new community was receiving. The bus service is much better this year so maybe I'll cave in earlier and just call it a season when Autumn is here tomorrow ;)

The commutes were reasonable today at 1h01m each. It takes a while to dress up with so many layers and I just can't seem to get the kind of speeds I used to get with all the layers and the cold all around. Maybe the gears need a special cold weather grease? Anyways, the weather forecast for the remainder of the week is predicting warmer temperatures so I think I have a few more rides to work in store before I put the bike in storage.

In the mix today is the awesome Lost Finger's Rendez-Vous Rose and Yann Perreau's Un serpent sous les fleurs.


  1. i'm hoping that the weather will stay decent for a while longer, I'm so not ready to hit the trainer yet... ugh!

  2. Gosh I admire you riding daily to work, wish I could get in the morning... stick with it if you can!

  3. I imagine 5C would feel really chilly on the bike!

    Hard to believe fall is here already, isn't it?