Sunday, December 20, 2009

Long run

After yesterday's potluck, I was properly fueled for a long run this morning. There's really nowhere to go in winter since all the trails are snowy so I just went down the main road for as far as the sidewalk would take me and back. I did do a bit of a detour to ensure I reach the 22km that my training plan required. The Garmin says 22km, yet once I synced it, I get 21.8km. I'll believe the Garmin itself ;)
I was pretty surprised by how fast I was going. I think all the strengthening sessions are paying off. My average pace was 5:20m/km and my slowest kilometer was an even 6 minutes. It was a good way to digest all the delicious dishes I had last night, including char siu pork and japanese cupcakes. My reward for completing such a beautiful run was a nice 4 egg omelet.
Tomorrow is the winter solstice so that means that all the early morning (or evening) runners will start having more light. As someone at the office mentioned, it's all downhill from here :)

In the mix today was a random mix of Pigs in Space, Ozric Tentacles, Space Tribe, Protoculture and Texas Faggott.

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