Monday, December 28, 2009

Year in Review - Late C4C

With the weather outside turning all wet and icy, I have had to take my training inside. (That is an actual picture of the light at my front porch!)
I'm still not quite sure if my training session today will be in the gym or if I will brave the thin layer of snow on what is probably icy sidewalks underneath.

With this new dose of winter, I started thinking about my training so far this year and how much it has changed. A year ago, after conquering the marathon distance (at a snail's pace admittedly), I turned my sights to a new challenge: the Triathlon. I found a nice indoor trainer for the bike portion, familiarized myself with the myriads of pools around my stomping grounds and their various schedules and conquered old man winter to run in the cold, running outside throughout the winter was a first for me.

My training regimen was pretty hardcore by my standards. Most days saw at least training in one of the disciplines and sometimes even two. Rest days were few and far between with usually one or sometimes two a week. I also started blogging to share my experience with current friends and family. Little did I know that the blogging would introduce me to an entire community of athletes and allow me to create new friendships. All my training really paid off when I completed my first triathlon and met my objective.

Life sometimes take unexpected turns and that's what happenned after the triathlon where I left for China. I had wonderful experiences in China but was unable to keep the training up because of various health concerns. I still had some incredible runs and life experiences in China so I'm not even concerned about the setback that the trip introduced training-wise.

While I don't keep an official mileage counter, having a nifty GPS device that I carry with me whenever I run has advantages. I was able to play with the numbers and get my total so far for 2009 so far: 570km of running and 2380km of biking! Incredible. If I ran all these runs in the same direction, I would have been able to run to Niagara Falls! Add the biking and I would have reached Miami! Incredible!

All the training for the triathlon was fun, but with my current schedule, it's very hard to keep up with all the training. Plus the gear required for a triathlon is really intense. If I'm really serious about competing, I'd need at least a new bike and some way to carry it around like a car rack or something. I'm not saying I'll never do a triathlon again, but at this point in my life, I need simplicity and training for a triathlon is not simple!!!

Coming back from the experience of having trained and participated in a triathlon, I now have a new goal. This new goal is a bit of an old friend of mine. While I may have conquered the marathon distance at ScotiaBank Waterfront Marathon in 2008, but I never quite conquered the clock to my satisfaction. Entering this new year and decade, I have two goals with regards to the marathon clock. This year, I would like to break the 4 hour marathon. This decade, I want to qualify and run Boston. Quite the goal, eh? I figure that if I can't get to 3:10 in the next 5 years, at least it will get easier when it drops to 3:15 on the accounts of me getting older at that time :) Now that I've committed to it in digital ink, I will have to deliver. I hope I can take you all on that exciting journey with me.

I didn't post on Friday so this will have to take place of the Cans for Comments for last week. The total from the week before was 8 cans so here is what is going to the food bank:
Since I'm late with the C4C post and this is prime holiday season, I will pledge to donate at least 14 cans which is the total from my most popular C4C post. If we can break that number, I will top it up of course!


  1. Be careful if you decide to train outdoors today. Lots of hidden ice!

    Your training regimen is pretty hard core to us non-runners period!

    Congrats for meeting your goal on the triathlon!

    Just rt'd your blog entry and hope to add another can to the cuase!

  2. Holy cow! That ice!

    I agree about triathlon needing insane amounts of gear. It is hard enough to pack stuff and check and recheck lists for a marathon!

    I'll be rooting for you on your sub-4 and BQ marathon goals! I really wish I was within striking distance of a BQ but I think I'll have to wait a few decades before it is a realistic goal for me :)

  3. The distance you have covered in 2009 is awesome! That is some SERIOUS mileage!
    Good luck in your goals marathon clock goals!! I applaud you for working on your time...time has always been my enemy so I hope you conquer those goals!!!

  4. It was quite a year, and it sounds like you have an excellent goal in mind for 2010.

    With two marathons under my belt, I am still striving for a more "respectable" time. Maybe I'll get close to 4 hours next year. Only time will tell. :)

    Happy New Year!

  5. YOU RUN IN THIS COLD? You runners are all crazy. ;)

  6. Great job on all you accomplished in 2009. I agree that cycling is somewhat of a pain because of equipment and mechanical issues, but having more variety in workouts is fun. Perhaps keep cycling just as cross-training. I've heard from many that cycling can make you a faster runner anyway.

    Best of luck in 2010!