Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tempo Lunch

On Friday, I didn't have much time to go out, so I decided to do a short tempo run. It was a beautiful chilly day in the Nation's Capital. I layered up and actually felt quite warm. The only item I wished I had in my kit was the sunglasses that I forgot in the office...
I took a simple route that I knew for sure would be clean and safe. McDonald-Cartier bridge to Portage bridge. This is my favorite route in the winter because it is always fairly clean and there's only 1 or 2 traffic lights that get in the way.
I did pretty well on the pace side. I'm not back to a 45 minutes 10k but at least I was able to run 5 of the 6 kms under 5 minutes (4:45, 4:42, 5:10, 4:46, 4:57, 4:55). I still felt great after the run and would have kept going for more if time permitted.

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It's not as much as the previous weeks but every little bit helps. I know that everyone is getting busy with the holidays and time for keeping up to date with blogs is more difficult. I'm thinking of doing C4C on a monthly basis anyways throughout 2010 so there will be plenty more opportunities for sure.

Tonight I'm pretty excited to be partying with the team from foodiePrints. All that good food will definitively help fuel me on tomorrow's 22km. I'm still a bit nervous about where I will go for all these kms, my neighborhood is a bit in the middle of nowhere and without the trails, I'll have to find new routes for the winter.

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