Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday at the Track

I should have known better than to try to combine a long distance workout with a speed workout. Today's cold weather reminded me that the track will soon be covered in snow and my schedule wanted a long run so I designed a 16km run that would include a pyramid track workout of 2, 3, 4, 3 and 2 laps with 2 resting laps between each. While I am satisfied with the overall pace (~5:30m/km) I felt really slow at the track where I even got attacked by a dog!
The track itself was a mix of dry, frozen and mud. At the second lap, my mp3 player decided to give up, forcing me to be free earing for the remainder of the work out.

The laps still went by quickly with a bit of effort. Lap times in red are supposedly the fast laps :) 1:59, 2:00, 2:18, 2:16, 2:03, 2:03, 2:04, 2:19, 2:12, 2:00, 2:11, 2:06, 2:18, 2:26, 2:24, 2:01, 2:11, 2:14, 2:29, 2:25, 2:16 and 2:21.

With the ~3.5km that it takes to get to the track, my total today was 16.5 km. Not bad in 1:31:06. I think I'm slowly getting my mojo back.


  1. Yeah I tried the track workout with a longer-ish run and it didnt really work out.

  2. You're brave combining the track witha long run! Nice job out there.