Saturday, December 12, 2009

My snow run + Thank you!

Everyone else is posting about their snow experiences so here's my own :)

After postponing my run because of weather and schedule issues, yesterday was when I found the time to go and evaluate the state of the running trails for myself.
I was pleasantly surprised at first that the running paths were in a pretty good state until I reached the point where the cleaning team decided it didn't need to go any further.
Running in winter wasn't that bad. I could use the snow and slippery surface as an excuse to not push as fast. With the sun shining it was very comfortable. I completed the 8.5km in about 45 minutes so it was a pretty good run overall.

Thank you for all your comments yesterday. Needy families in Stittsville will appreciate the donations!

Tonight I'm pretty excited to go see the olympic flame reach on parliament hill. I hope to have the determination to wake up early tomorrow for a long run and perhaps glimpse the flame in motion as it passes through my neighbourhood (at 8am!)


  1. have fun seeing the flame, it's very awesome to have it so close to home... It's going to be around here next weekend, so I'd like to take the kids to see it! Great job on the run... I really don't mind running in winter, but just choosing to run indoors for the time being for a base/recovery aspect. Have a great weekend!

  2. Great pics! Be careful in that snow...I don't have a snow run yet for this fall to report on, thankfully :)

  3. I had every intention of seeing the flame this morning as it passed the Kanata RR, but I slept in instead....

    Don't you just love the TCT? Mind you in a couple of weeks you won't be able to run along it....