Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm back!!!

Wow. What a gorgeous day out there today. I couldn't resist to go for a run today at lunch time. I could have tried as much as I wanted to hold back but it was too nice not to go full tilt. Throwing caution to the wind may not necessarily the best way to come back from an injury but it felt great!!! This run gave me plenty of confidence that I can shatter my personal half marathon record in 2 weeks. I did my "winter" run where I do two loops at the bridges:
Everything felt really good. The weather was sunny with a bit of a wind at about 12 degrees (Celsius). My knee wasn't complaining at all and I feel only a bit of soreness tonight so I'm using the injury tag on this post for the last time in hopefully a long while! My speed profile was a bit all over the place with a speedy first and last km with another speedier length at around km 5.
It feels great to be back, pounding the pavement and getting a good workout. I missed it. I craved it even. Now I'm feeling really good.

Green Nuns of the Revolution's Rock Bitch Mafia in the mix.

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