Monday, May 4, 2009

Smoke Test

Back when I was in college, my electronics professor had a funny story about microchips and magic smoke. He claimed that elves worked at the chip factories and what that made the chip behave as they do is the magic smoke that they locked inside the chip. Once the magic smoke escapes from the chip, the chip is rendered useless and can not longer be relied on to perform... So all the students took to running smoke tests when we created new circuits. We would plug everything in with no load or program and look for smoke or signs of overheating, to ensure the magical element did not escape.

I felt a bit like this today, on my first run after a week of resting to allow my knee to recover from the (ab)use I put on it earlier in the season. I was pleasantly surprised. While the knee was a bit sensitive during the early part of the run, it didn't feel overly wrong or painful. I even felt great after. I kept the run really short just in case the feelings would show up after the run.
I met up with my friend Will that was doing some speedwork. That explains the funny speed profile that you see here.

I wrestled a bit about what music I wanted to accompany my [hopefully] triumphant return, even if I knew I'd be running only for all of 10 minutes. I settled for the powerful Astral Projection's Trust in Trance to show I trusted that my body was recovered.

I guess the real test is tomorrow morning when I get out of bed, but even as I did my stretches tonight, I actually felt better than before so I think that the run helped and loosened me up a bit. Tomorrow is swimming and I'll try to slot a 5km on Wednesday to slowly ramp up.

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