Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Swimming Thoughts

Another great swim today. I had a new piece of equipment thanks to Alex. I wore a swim cap for the first time and it felt a bit weird but okay. The sounds were a bit muffled and the water in my ears got really hot. I'm not sure if it affected my speed much with a 750m time of a bit over 18 minutes but I will keep on wearing it, my hair doesn't feel as sticky with chlorine as it usually does. I lounged around the pool for a few breast strokes and then another 750m before calling it a day.

I'm becoming a much better swimmer than I ever expected I would be. When I was originally undecided about the triathlon, I thought that the swimming portion would be my achilles heel so to speak. I am now more and more worried about the bike part. I've yet to find the right balance of training with the bike to keep my strength and ward off injuries. We'll see about bike training strategies after the race in about 2 weeks.

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