Monday, January 4, 2010

Snowy Lunch

With the snow falling at least between 2 and 4 cm every day for the last week, I decided I could no longer postpone my runs and headed out for a short snowy run at lunch. Running in the snow is more difficult for the ankles and slower than on dry pavement so I shortened my usual triple bridge loop of 10km to a single double bridge loop of only 6km.
While it felt great to get out there and run, I didn't get the speed I wanted but with the absolutely awesome Lost Fingers in the mix, the endorphins were flowing freely! It was kind of nice to run amongst the falling snowflakes and the weather was pretty good with almost no winds.

My speed wasn't impressive at over 31 minutes but then again, that wasn't the point today. Being out there despite the conditions is what mattered most and I had one of those crazy giggle moments when I realised that what I was doing would be considered outside of sanity for most mortals.

I saw quite a few other runners out there, maybe trying to shed off the holiday pounds or training towards their own goals. One of them was running an Ironman jacket. Cool. On days like today, running really does seem like a brotherhood where we are all in this together, for better or worse ;)

I'm still a bit behind on the training with my long run a few days late. Hopefully the snow stops and the sidewalks get cleaned enough for another run home after work. Otherwise I'll have to go for 25 loops around the palladium auto park, not my idea of fun!

When I got home, I had the happy surprise of a prize package from RoadBunner. I won a HeadSweat race hat thanks to Mario's funny furry bits.
A full review and pictures of the hat will be coming soon but my first impressions are that I like how soft and comfortable it feels!

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