Friday, January 29, 2010

BRRRrrrrrrr! + C4C

A cold snap has descended on Ottawa but that didn't stop me from going out to run. The alternative (dreadmill) is not one I am excited about! So I went in what the weather people described as a -32 celsius with the windchill. I didn't wait around for my GPS to warm up and catch a signal so the route is not totally accurate.
I kept it easy for the ~6km loop of the bridges. I know I have to mix it up but it was difficult to keep it slow in such a cold weather, I just wanted the run to be over! To be honest it didn't feel that cold but my glasses did get all frosted from the water condensation from breathing. And I don't think I get a good bounce from my shoes in such cold weather!

What I find kind of interesting is that the speed profile almost matches the altitude profile. I was going faster on the uphill than the flat surface...
Back in the holiday period, I was running a Cans for Comments campaign and pledged to continue to do it all year so here is this month's entry. It's simple: for every visitor that leaves a comment on this entry, I will donate a non-perishable food item to the local food bank. I also encourage you to give what you can to Unicef, Care or your favourite relief organisation for Haiti. I know I have given and plan to do so again regularly until the country is back on its feet.

I have a long run planned for the weekend. I'm starting to chicken out already because of the weather. Hopefully I'll grow some chest hairs overnight and brave the conditions!


  1. Wow, kudos for heading out in that! It's about -25 with the windchill here this morning and I'm NOT looking forward to 20K on the water front. Brrrr!

    Awesome that you are continuing with C4C!

  2. Stay safe in the cold, (don't I sound like an old lady?) hehehe,

    Good for you helping C4C.

  3. Yikes, I'm sitting in the airport coming home from Florida right now.... reading this is making me cold and wishing the week wasn't done already!! Here's another comment for you C4C :D Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  4. I heard most running clubs cancelled their runs because of the cold. I can't believe you braved that chill. Your lungs must have been screaming.

  5. Hope I'm not too late for C4C. Been reading for a few weeks and I'm wondering what you use to superimpose your route from the Garmin on a Google map? Is that Garmin connect? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm a Garmin newbie.