Friday, January 22, 2010


Yesterday after work, I headed out to the first ever #ottsocialrun event. It's basically a bunch of local twitter folks that got organized and invited everyone else :) Thanks for @isfalk and @tgrevatt for organizing! I ran into @cyclaw on my way to the restaurant and asked if he was also part of the tweetup, it's not often restaurant goer are dressed in running gear :) @tgrevatt was already waiting for us and @momsgot2run didn't take long to appear. When @isfalk joined us, we waited a bit for a few late runners but none showed up so we went on our merry way.

I decided to join the long run team (basically me and @isfalk) while the others went for a shorter run. Our was a perfect 10k going over Gatineau and back.
Our pace was fairly reasonable if quite uneven due to the talking and traffic lights. We talked about everything and anything, running, travel, work, etc. We finished in 52 minutes and headed inside for cold drinks, warm food and friendly conversation. This was definitively the best part for me, I don't have that many running friends so this felt like a real runner geekout. I think everyone was wearing a garmin and being asked about what model it is was quite a change from my usual: why are you wearing such a monstrous watch?!?

I'll definitively join again if this event becomes a monthly tradition.


  1. A running tweet-up - I love it! Sounds like a great time.

  2. What a fun get together! And so funny about that usual watch comment. I don't see many people on a daily basis (work from home for the most part) and only wear my Garmin when running so I've never been asked that. But I can totally see it happening.

  3. Sorry I missed it, but a gal's got to pay the bills....anyway, Shirley laughed because I had called it a "twitup" LOL...

    anyway, mark your calendar for the third Thursday of next month!!!

  4. Sounds like lots of fun! I also rarely run with other people but love it when I get a chance!! I hope you all keep it up!
    p.s. You're running LA, right?

  5. I'd really love to run LA but haven't committed to it %100 yet.