Monday, January 25, 2010

Loopy loops

With the balmy weather we've been getting recently, it was the perfect time to try my new HeadSweat hat that I won thanks to RoadBunner's cute bunny Mario. Check him out today, whatever it is he's begging for, I would give him, he's just too cute :) This hat is my favourite ever. Light and airy as well as very comfortable thanks to the plush lining. I can't wait till summer so I can test it under hot conditions but I'm sure the lining will absorb whatever my forehead throw at it.

I decided to run tonight before all the rain we've been receiving freezes over and creates dangerous running conditions. In true masochist fashion, I settled on loops again. The sky seemed full of water ready to pour down so I didn't want to venture too far away for the 16km (10 miles for my American friends) at marathon pace I was scheduled for. I always have a problem following pace guides and it turns out that this training run was more of a tempo run than what was called for.

I chose to loop at the Palladium Auto Park. This might not be the average runner's first choice but the close proximity to my house, the fact that the loop is somewhat quiet (think 1 car every 45 seconds with a 30km/h limit) and the super safe conditions due to clean road and the abundance of lights and camera surveillance made this an easy choice for me.
The 12 loops (~1km each) went by real quick with only 1 loop over 5 minutes. Total time for the 16km run was 1h17m. I think I will feel it tomorrow. For now all I have is a bit of soreness in my left knee, not bad.

PS: I registered for LA Marathon today, yay!


  1. You must have been dizzy by the end of that. Speedy run!

  2. Yay! Glad you like the hat! Another Headsweats convert (evil laugh & rolls hands together)!

    Way to troop through your run! Great pace! I once ran 14 miles in a small grassy field that took me about 2.5 minutes to run around. No Garmin back then so no clue how many laps, but it was A LOT! It was right in front of some frat houses and I'm sure they all thought I was nutty.

    WIll keep you in the loop re: LA. I haven't put too much planning thought into it yet, but since I work Saturday I'd probably be driving down. So debating if that drive is something I want to do.

  3. YAY on registering...let the fun begin!!!

  4. I like loops of that length, you can have a lot of fun on them, especially if you start pushing the pace a bit each one (or HR). :)