Sunday, January 31, 2010

Longest one yet!

After chickening out yesterday due to the super cold weather, I realised that I had traded extreme cold for a bit of snow this morning. Still, to get a balmy -12 celsius, I can live with the snow. I still bundled up in order to be comfortable for the ~3 hours that I would be on the road.
This morning's run was my longest yet in this training cycle - 35km. The whole time I thought that this was the longest my training plan required (I knew I had to do it again in 2 weeks) but I checked just before writing this entry and I actually have to do a 38 km in 4 weeks - ouch!

I decided to go a bit everywhere and avoid looping. The roads I picked were fairly quiet and for the most part clean and with ample shoulders. I even saw a deer on Timm road. There were lots of runners on Corkstown road and it gave me some energy to know that was not the only cooky one out there. I hadn't run to North Kanata since the summer. Coming back I did a bit of a detour to add more kms but it still wasn't enough so I ran around my neighbourhood for the last 1.5km.
I was pretty impressed with how well it went. While it was long and a bit painful at the end, I was very impressed to see that only 2 kms (around the time I tried to take a picture of the deer, which didn't turn out well at all!) were above 6 minutes.

One thing that really surprised me is how hilly Kanata is. I never really noticed before on shorter runs, but let me tell you that on a longer run, the hills do make a difference. Here is the profile for today's route:
I look forward to a long run of *only* 32km next weekend :)

In the mix today was another assortment of various genres. Les Cowboy Fringants, Michael Buble, Tangerine Dream, Return to the Source and Matsuri.


  1. Great job on the run! Must have been cold! I always have trouble mapping out super long runs without looping around.

  2. That's a serious long run!! Way to go on the 35! You're running quite the program, going all the way to 38!

  3. Yay! I also like to avoid doing repetitive loops on long runs. I used to not mind so much but lately it is just mentally draining. I am super impressed you ran so far in such cold weather, too! Also a little jealous -- I miss running in snow!

  4. OMG, you Canadians are TOUGH! I like seeing snow but running in it? NO WAY!!! Great job getting that long run done outdoors. I can't even imagine running with so many layers of clothes on...